Saturday, June 17, 2006

Final post from Switzerland

There will be more to come when I arrive home. These last photos contain. The very nice looking CHF (Swiss Francs), a cool electric car we saw, The Trummelbach Falls (We were so close to the water falls).The view from our new hotel Victoria, and the little deli we had lunch at. Sorry there are so many pictures not together, but that is due to the lack of sleep, and the demand for more photos. Perfect vacation

Hotel pictures

The chain toilet I thought was so cool. That it at the Beau Rivage also the breakfast buffet, and the balcony I am sitting where I do all of this blog. Then there is the outside of the Victoria, and there Tennis courts


2 more castles. :)

Victoria JungFrau (WOW)

What a hotel. The pool, lobby, our room....

How much fun can you have?

Here is some golf pictures from the local Interlaken course. I golfed with Kathryn and Chris. They are from Wengen (Vengen) The little town we stopped to see on the way back from JungFrau. Also a picture of Michael Bayer our Concierge from the Beau Rivage. The coolest guy I have met in Switzerland. Then a picture of 2 churches close to the Beau Rivage, and a small car I saw.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

More and More Photos

Just a couple of cool pictures of things we have seen. I could load this up with so many amazing photos.. I have over 900 and its only 3 days. Tomorrow is golf, and more mountains

Train ride to the "Top of Europe"

One picture is of a town "Wengen" on the way to the Jungfrau. Then there is a picture of the scenery on the way up, and 2 fun train pictures of us. We are having a great time. The train and JungFrau was my favorite of all I have seen.

JungFrauJoch- Top of Europe

Here is some pictures from "Top of Europe" MarKay and I in the "Ice cave" A picture also of the ice cave hall way. (even the floor is all ice and you can fall if you're not careful.), A picture of MarKay and I on a walkway (at the sphinx) with holes in it that you can see straight down thou,sands of feet. The last picture is of the observatory, and the Sphinx.

The 4 "C's" I wanted to see

Cows, Chocolate, Cheese (raclette), and a Castle

Sunday, June 11, 2006

More Photos!!!

here is Pictures of all of us at a Waterfal in Interlaken. Then a picture of a house along the trail. Another is of Jungfrau Mountain we will be going up on tuesday or Monday. There is a piture also of the speed sign, and of bells we saw at a shop... Just to let you all know it cost a lot for the internet. So I may wait another day or two to post more, but I will let you know.. Also check out our next hotel we go to on Thursday go to Very cool. Well send replys and I will check them all soon. Maybe Garrett will be on then also.

We made it!!!!

Here is some pictures of our Hotel. Lidner Grand Hotel Beau Rivage. One picture is of the hotel, one is of us looking out one of our rooms. And one is of Garrett (brother in Law) at the Hotel

Thursday, June 08, 2006


Here I am at work.... I am very excited to be going on a HUGE vacation.

Getting ready for my trip to Switzerland

I am thinking about the things to bring to do on the long plane ride... Laptop, PSP, Journal, DVD player, Drawing Pads.... Sounds like a lot of fun, but come on, it's a long flight. I will post the flight schedules as I get them. I leave on Saturday June 10th. I am very excited.